The Stenner Pump Company supports the future of Engineering in the US.

Stenner supports advancement of higher eduction in Engineering

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The Stenner Pump Company supports the future of Engineering in the U.S.A.

To further advance the University of North Florida's engineering students' training in robotics, Tim Ware (center), owner of the Stenner Pump Company donated "Baxter". Pictured above, Baxter has his arms around, Dr. Mark Tumeo, Dean of Engineering and Dr. Earle C. Traynham, Provost (left and right, respectively).

Baxter, is a two arm collaborative robot (cobot) manufactured by ReThink Robotics. Cobots are on the leading edge of manufacturing technology. Additionally, they are intrinsically safe and designed to work side by side with human coworkers. They consist of easy to understand software and are easily trained to perform a wide variety of tasks. Stenner has implemented its Baxter in a way that uses each arm to perform two simultaneous production tasks.   

Stenner's goal in donating a Baxter, is to provide a great opportunity for UNF students to gain hands on experience with a modern robot, as well as, learn about several relative aspects of manufacturing and automation. Additionally, the experience should provide a competitive edge as they enter tomorrow's workforce.

In addition, the Stenner Pump Company takes pride in sponsoring the University of North Florida Osprey Miners in the NASA Robotic Mining Competition.  NASA’s competition is held annually at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.  

The NASA RMC provides students with extraordinarily valuable experience in the fields of design, fabrication, professional communication, and teamwork.  The ideas and designs formulated by the students could be used by NASA on a real spacecraft and have a strong potential to end up on Mars in the future.

By sponsoring the Miners, Stenner is directly contributing to the advancement of higher education and to the future of science and engineering in the United States. The Osprey Miners are very involved in community events such as Renaissance Jax – an organization dedicated to getting K-12 students involved in manufacturing and robotics.