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Why Stenner

Why Do Business With The Stenner Pump Company

The Stenner Pump Company has been manufacturing peristaltic pumps since 1957. Why do business with the Stenner Pump Company? Because what is important to you, has to be important to us and according to our customers it is performance. Reliable performance means a dependable pump and a dependable pump reduces service time and expense. Over the years the original pump has gone through revisions.

Commitment to Quality

Stenner manufactures from raw goods to the final assembly. The majority of the components are designed and manufactured at the corporate headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.  Our founder, Mr. G.H. Stenner, was meticulous about fit, form and function. Precise engineering with tight tolerances and a watchful eye on the manufacturing processes remain part of Stenner’s philosophy today. View company video.

We work hard to control the processes to help control inventory and maintain quality and we can humbly state a return rate of less than 1%. Our pump manufacturing process allows us to maintain a 3 day lead time.

It Is About Our People

Thirty-one percent of our employees have been with company over ten years; the longevity spans across all departments and continues to grow. Automation is incorporated into our manufacturing process to enhance productivity on repetitive assemblies to assist our employees, not to replace them. All our employees contribute to our growth and success.

Our customers have inspired us for over 65 years and their input helps us strive to be, an easy to do business with, type of company. We are interested in helping our customers which is one reason we have a receptionist ready to route calls to the right department. We are happy to hear what our customers have to say everyday.

Stenner is ready when you are with personalized support by web, phone or in-person at your facility. Various training materials are available and we are accessible for assistance. Contact us today by your preferred method.