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The injection of car wash solutions is required to maintain a properly washed vehicle and efficient management of chemicals for a self-serve, conveyor or in-bay automatic car wash. Stenner peristaltic metering pumps are capable of metering solutions critical to car wash operations. The pumps can accurately inject concentrated detergents, waxes, conditioners, drying agents, tire cleaners, rust inhibitors, and related car wash solutions up to 3.5 ounces per minute at pressures up to 100 psi (105 mL/sec @ 6.9 bar).

Water Reclamation | Wastewater Treatment

Water reclamation systems are a common option for car wash operators looking to both save on water and sewer costs. In some areas, to comply with environmental regulations, the carwash wastewater must be treated before discharging it to drain or septic systems. The pH level of the wastewater is critical prior to discharge and acids/alkalines can be used for pH adjustment. Oxidizers are also injected to break down organic compounds and flocculants are used to form large particles for simple filtration.

Fragrance & Shampoo Systems

Customize your fragrance and shampoo system with the Econ OEM.  The pump is compact and economical and can be integrated into your controller enclosure. It is ideal for dispensing fragrances and shampoos with outputs up to 2 gallons per hour. The pump offers reliable performance and is available in a variety of voltages.


Stenner’s peristaltic adjustable pumps are perfectly suited to inject these carwash solutions as they are self-priming up to 25 feet, do not lose prime due to gaseous chemicals, can accurately meter concentrated solutions, and pump against pressures up to 100 psi.  The S420 Series is a variable speed pump that accepts a 4-20mA signal input follower available for pH control systems.

Key Products

Pumps Type Flow Rate Output |
Operating Pressure Maximums
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US Standard 85 gpd | 25 psi
40 gpd | 100 psi

Metric 3.22 lpd | 1.7 bar
151 lpd | 6.9 bar
Multiple Functions
US Standard 315 gpd | 25 psi
125 gpd | 100 psi

Metric 1192 lpd | 1.7 bar
473 lpd | 6.9 bar
4-20mA Input
US Standard 150 gpd | 25 psi
60 gpd | 100 psi

Metric 568 lpd | 6.9 bar
227 lpd | 6.9 bar
US Standard 50 gpd | 80 psi

Metric 189.3 lpd | 5.5 bar