Stenner Chlorinator Pumps for Commercial Pool and Aquatic Facilities

Commercial pool and aquatic facilities

Stenner chlorine pumps have been utilized for commercial pool and aquatics facilities for over 60 years.

Stenner chlorine injection pumps are a popular choice for swimming pool and spa professionals for commercial pool and aquatic facilities.  Commercial pools and spas are generally regulated by a local health department and require minimum chlorine residual to maintain sanitary water. Maintaining the proper pH of swimming pool water increases the effectiveness of sanitizers and prevents premature wear of equipment and pool surfaces. Stenner peristaltic metering pumps are often used to inject sodium hypochlorite for disinfection and muriatic acid to control pH.

Due to variation of bather loads and environmental conditions, the pumps are generally used in conjunction with ORP/pH controllers designed to monitor water chemistry and automatically activate the chlorine or acid metering pump to maintain proper water chemistry. For the treatment of water fountains or dosing of liquid pool covers or enzyme formulas that biodegrade organic contaminants, Stenner has a metering pump designed to inject solutions based on time.

Installation Sites for Chlorinator Pumps

Installation sites include condominiums, hotels, apartments, clubs, campgrounds, lodges, schools, association communities, homes and other locations with swimming pools and spas.

Select a chlorine pump for small or large applications, from spas and therapeutic baths to commercial pools, aquatic facilities and water parks:

  • The Classic Series single head or double head adjustable pump can be wired to the pool circulation pump so that they operate simultaneously for constant sanitization. This series can also be installed with ORP/Redox controller that will activate the pump to provide accurate delivery and maintain proper sanitizer levels in the water.

  • The Classic Series single head pumps are available as a Tank System that is shipped pre-assembled for fast installations.

  • The Econ T Series pump provides automatic dosing with 7-day, 24 event control for a variety of time applications. The pumps are cULus for indoor and outdoor use.  The 25 psi models are tested and certified by Intertek to Standard NSF/ANSI 50, equipment for swimming pools, spas, hot tubs and other recreational water facilities.

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