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Explore the possibilities with the custom Econ
OEM pump.


Flow Rate Outputs
Up to 50 gallons per day, pressures to 80 psi.
Up to 189.3 liters per day, pressures to 5.5 bar

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Stenner's custom Econ OEM pump offers lots of options.

With the OEM pump you can select a custom color and choose from the tube material and voltage choices.  Select a fixed output from ranges of 0.04 ounces per hour to 2.08 gallons per hour with pressures to 80 psi (1.3 milliliters per hour to 7.88 liters per hour, pressures to 5.5 bar).

The pump can be designed with the customer's supplied motor and gearbox. A standard OEM bracket is provided or a custom bracket can be designed. 

A brushless or brushed DC motor is available as an open or enclosed version. Enclosed versions offer an optional internal power supply and customizable power cord for 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz. Agency listings vary by model and configuration. 


  • Patented Quick Release Pump Head; effortless tube replacement without tools
  • Anti-siphon 3 point roller design
  • Dual bearing support output shaft
  • Serviceable liquid end, gear train & motor



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