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Increased water consumption results in optimal livestock or poultry growth and production. A whole farm’s water supply can be disinfected at the wellhead or in the water storage tank.   If only the drinker lines are going to be treated, using a water meter and pump system will provide proportional dosing.

pH Adjustment

In poultry growing facilities, accurately lowering pH levels has proven to aid in the absorption of feed nutrients leading to improved gut health, weight gains and feed conversion rates. Properly management of drinking water pH can reduce operational costs and ensure the overall health of the flock.

Oxidation of Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide and Manganese

Stenner peristaltic metering pumps accurately inject chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide to oxidize undesirable constituents so they may be removed from the water by filtration after adequate contact time in a retention tank.

1:128 Injection

The S128 and the compact Econ Stennicator inject at a rate of 1:128  (1 ounce per 128 ounces). Each are actuated by dry contact water meter signal. If using a water meter installed to an environmental house controller, both the S128 and the Econ Stennicator have a relay allowing the meter to send the signal to the controller to register water consumption. The standby setting can be used when replacing a tube without interrupting the signal to the controller.  Both models are available as a wall mountable meter system.

Adjustable Ratios

The Econ FP, Econ Integrator and PCM/Pump package have flexibility to inject products at a specific ratio. 

Hatchery Cabinet Disinfection

The Double head Classic Series pump can be used to inject fuming disinfectants into adjacent cabinets for prevention of bacterial growth and spread of Salmonella.  The pump is usually activated to a timer to deliver precise scheduled doses.  The Econ LD can be used to dispense extremely low doses continuously.

Custom Vaccine Delivery

The Vaccinator pump (contact us for details) delivers 1 gallon of oral vaccine over 6 hours and 15 minutes.  Developed for the administration of oral vaccines for pork producers, the pump has a built-in timer to stop once it has completed its cycle. 

Key Products

Pumps Type Flow Rate Output |
Operating Pressure Maximums
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1:128 Medicator
US Standard 10 oz/min | 60 psi

Metric 295.7 mL/min | 4.1 bar
Flow Activated
US Standard 30 gpd | 100 psi

Metric 113.40 lpd | 6.9 bar
1:128 Medicator
US Standard 2.7 oz/min | 80 psi

Metric 74 mL/min | 5.5 bar
Flow Activated
US Standard 30 gpd | 80 psi

Metric 113.4 lpd | 5.5 bar
US Standard 85 gpd | 25 psi
40 gpd | 100 psi

Metric 3.22 lpd | 1.7 bar
151 lpd | 6.9 bar
Variable Speed
US Standard 50.7 oz/hr | 80 psi

Metric 1499.4 ml/hr | 5.5 bar
US Standard 85 gpd | 25 psi
40 gpd | 100 psi

Metric 3.22 lpd | 1.7 bar
151 lpd | 6.9 bar
US Standard 170 gpd | 25 psi
34 gpd | 100 psi

Metric 514.8 lpd | 1.7 bar
102.6 lpd | 6.9 bar