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Injection Pumps for Animal Health

peristaltic metering pumps for animal health water injections

Stenner injection pumps provide accurate 1:128 dosing or water treatment for poultry or livestock health.

Treating livestock drinking water and injecting stock solutions into the drinking water supply to maintain animal health including flocks and herds is an important aspect in the agricultural market. Controlling pH in the drinking water assists in absorption of feed nutrients leading to improved feed conversion rates, meaning better weight gains. Operational costs can be reduced by properly managing the pH of the drinking water to ensure flock health. Additives to the drinking water such as vaccines and dietary supplements are essential to livestock health.

Animal Health Installation Sites for injection Pumps:

Animal Health installation sites include dairies, livestock farms, hatcheries, breeder farms, poultry grow-out facilities, processing plants and private wells.

Select from a variety of Stenner metering pumps to inject directly into the water line:

  • The Classic Series single head adjustable pump is the simplest and most economical way to inject disinfectants to well water at the wellhead to maintain a biologically safe water supply. The pump can be wired to a well pump pressure switch and metered accordingly for accurate chemical feed.

  • The Classic single head pump is available as a Tank System in 7.5, 15 and 30 gallon sizes.

  • The Proportional Injection Pump System provides precise chemical delivery based on water volume regardless of the system flow rate. The components are pre-assembled on a heavy-duty panel for quick installation.

  • A proportional feed setup can be tailored to your specific application by purchasing separately, the PCM, Plastic or stainless steel water meter and the Classic Series single head fixed output pump.

  • For traditional injection of stock solutions including diluted chemicals, antibiotics, medicines and electrolytes, the M128 can inject at the common ratio of 1:128. The M128 is also available as the M128 System with the pump and water meter pre-mounted on a panel for convenience.

  • The Econ OEM Batch pump is designed for dosing vaccines or additives in precise amounts based on a pre-set run time from .01 seconds to 24 hours per activation. Outputs are up to 267 ounces per hour at 80 psi. A manual activation switch is standard and a customized input signal is options. The pump is cULus rated for indoor and outdoor use.

  • The Econ Stennicator (watch animated video) is a 1:128 medicator and the Econ Integrator pump is for water treatment such as disinfection or pH control. Both compact pumps are activated by a dry contact water meter and can be easily installed with an existing meter. The internal repeater relay can send a dry contact signal to another device or house controller and will function if the pump is placed in standby.

  • The Econ Integrator™ is ideal for proportional injection via a dry contact water meter for livestock water treatment. The additional benefit of the pump's internal relay allows the use of one water meter for both water treatment and to record water consumption to a house controller.  

View installation diagrams for Econ Stennicator and Econ Integrator™. POULTRY: Water Treatment and Water Treatment & 1:128 Dosing.  LIVESTOCK: Water Treatment and Water Treatment & 1:128 Dosing.

  • The S Series is an advanced peristaltic metering pump with several modes of operations and pump performance indicators to fine tune the pump to your specific application. For example, inject disinfectants, oxidizers, pH adjusters, supplement, or medications at a variable rate with the Hall Effect or PPM Feed Variable Rate mode of operation.


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