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Plating Bath Treatment

To assure quality plating, in the metal finishing process, solutions such as phosphates, brighteners or alkalines are injected into the plating baths. Choose the Classic Series single head adjustable pump for outputs up to 85 gallons per day and adjustability from 5% to 100%.

The Econ OEM pump can be customized for integration into your controller enclosures. The pump is compact and economical and available in a variety of voltages. Capable of metering plating solutions; with outputs up to 2 gallons per hour. The Econ OEM Batch pump is designed for dosing plating additives in precise amounts based on a pre-set run time from .01 seconds to 24 hours per activation. Outputs are available up to 267 ounces per hour at 80 psi.

Wastewater Treatment

Treatment of the plating bath wastewater is usually required so the water can be returned to the environment safely. Chemical treatment is required to oxidize any biological contaminants and for effectiveness to maintain a desired pH level of the wastewater. Some installations may use two Classic single head fixed rate pumps wired to a pH controller for batch treatment systems or continuous chemical feed. In addition, both the Classic single head adjustable and fixed output pumps are available as a Tank System consisting of a metering pump and solution tank that is shipped pre-assembled for easy installation. Tanks can be purchased separately.


Key Products

Pumps Type Flow Rate Output |
Operating Pressure Maximums
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US Standard 85 gpd | 25 psi
40 gpd | 100 psi

Metric 3.22 lpd | 1.7 bar
151 lpd | 6.9 bar
US Standard 85 gpd | 25 psi
40 gpd | 100 psi

Metric 3.22 lpd | 1.7 bar
151 lpd | 6.9 bar
4-20mA Input
US Standard 150 gpd | 25 psi
60 gpd | 100 psi

Metric 568 lpd | 6.9 bar
227 lpd | 6.9 bar
Multiple Functions
US Standard 315 gpd | 25 psi
125 gpd | 100 psi

Metric 1192 lpd | 1.7 bar
473 lpd | 6.9 bar
Flow Activated
US Standard 30 gpd | 80 psi

Metric 113.40 lpd | 5.5 bar
US Standard 50 gpd | 80 psi

Metric 189.3 lpd | 5.5 bar