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Specialty applications

Stenner is a manufacturer of peristaltic metering pumps since 1957. Made in the USA, the pumps are known for reliable and accurate injection.

Select the one to suit your application from the robust QuickPro® or the compact Econ pump line. Click here for a quick overview on selecting the right Stenner pump.

Stenner pumps are utilized in specialty applications every day.

Examples of a niche, specialty or unique types of application include metering additives for reefs, biotech research, or photography and more. Stenner offers peristaltic metering pumps designed to inject an array of additives and solutions.

QuickPro® Pump Line

The Classic, SVP and M128 pumps feature the patent pending QuickPro® pump head. Tube replacement is fast and easy with the collapsible roller assembly to remove the tube and to expand it to after the tube has been installed. Watch the video.

  • The Classic Series is an electro-mechanical design with several configurations; single head adjustable, single head fixed output, double head adjustable or double head fixed output. The pumps are easy to operate with a snap-fit modular design for disassembly without tools or conversion to another model.
  • The SVP Series is an adjustable variable speed pump with models that can be manually adjusted or respond to a 4-20mA input signal from water treatment controls. The output is digitally adjusted to increase or decrease the motor speed.
  • The M128 is also referred to as a medicator. Primarily used in the agricultural industry, it injects at a fixed rate of one ounce per gallon and is activated by a signal from a dry contact water meter.

Econ Pump Line
The Econ pump line is compact and designed for light duty applications. The pumps feature the patented quick release pump head for effortless tube replacement without tools.

  • The Econ T has an integral timer programmable for different activation times for each day of the week. The timer can set for 24 independent events in a 7 day period.
  • The Econ FP pump is a flow activated pump and can accept a dry contact signal or a 12-24 VAC/VDC signal from any control equipment that responds to flow.
  • The Econ OEM pump can be customized for an easy integration into your controller enclosure. This compact and economical pump delivers reliable motor performance and is offered in a variety of voltages. It is ideal for fluid transfer, sampling or precise metering of solutions; outputs are upt to 2 gallons per hour.
  • The Econ OEM Batch pump is designed for dispensing solutions and additives in precise amounts based on a pre-set run time from .01 seconds to 24 hours per activation. Outputs are available up to 267 ounces per hour with pressures to 80 psi. A manual activation switch is standard and a customized input signal is optional. The pump is cULus  for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The Econ Integrator™ and Econ Stennicator are for water treatment and 1:128 dosing on livestock farms. The pumps are conveniently designed to adapt to installations with an existing pulse water meter and house controller.

The Stenner Pump Company offers more than just pumps.

Select from various meter systems and tank systems. Additional products include: solution tanks, mixer, flow switch, pump control module (PCM) and water meter.

If you have a specialty application and need a reliable self-priming metering pump, contact the Stenner Sales or Technical Department for assistance.


Email sales@stenner.com or techsupport@stenner.com
US and Canada toll free: 1.800.683.2378

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