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Nutrients, Fertilizers, Algicides

Plant propagation and cultivation often requires the injection of additives to promote their health and growth. Plant and crop health management is critical to achieve maximum yields and attractive blooms. Stenner offers a variety of pumps and systems to inject various liquid nutrients, algicides, and fertilizers into the irrigation water. The pumps can inject solution to remove nitrogen and phosphorus to reduce nutrient discharge to comply with environmental requirements for wastewater treatment.

pH Adjustment | Reverse Osmosis

Plants thrive best in different soil pH ranges. Shrubs grow best in acidic soils while vegetables, grasses, and most ornamentals do best in slightly acidic soils. Soil pH value in the wrong range may result in less vigorous growth and nutrient deficiencies. Stenner pumps are used to inject solutions to adjust the pH needed for the specific plant.

Reverse osmosis is widely used in horticulture to remove salts, minerals, fertilizers and crop protection agents in water. The membranes in a reverse osmosis system can become fouled with mineral sales and lose efficiency.  Stenner pumps can be used to inject a liquid anti-scalent to eliminate scale.

Sprinkler Heads | Stain Prevention

Well water is often used for watering residential lawns, golf courses, and nurseries.

The sprinkler head is one of the main components in every irrigation system. Poor water quality can cause the head to clog from scaling, iron fouling, and slime buildup. Injecting anti-scalants and/or algicides is commonly required to properly maintain an irrigation system. Injection of polyphosphates is commonly required to prevent red water staining.

Key Products

Pumps Type Flow Rate Output |
Operating Pressure Maximums
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US Standard 85 gpd | 25 psi
40 gpd | 100 psi

Metric 3.22 lpd | 1.7 bar
151 lpd | 6.9 bar
US Standard 30 gpd | 80 psi

Metric 113.40 lpd | 5.5. bar
Flow Activated
US Standard 30 gpd | 80 psi

Metric 113.40 lpd | 5.5 bar
Flow Activated
US Standard 30 gpd | 80 psi

Metric 113.40 lpd | 5.5 bar
Variable Speed
US Standard 50.7 oz/hr | 80 psi

Metric 1499.4 ml/hr | 5.5 bar
Multiple Functions
US Standard 315 gpd | 25 psi
125 gpd | 100 psi

Metric 1192 lpd | 1.7 bar
473 lpd | 6.9 bar