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Specialized or Unique Applications

Stenner pumps are for specialized or unique applications include metering additives for aquaculture, reefs, laboratory, carpet cleaners, pharmaceutical,  photography and more.

The pumps range from the sophisticated to the simple. For example, the S Fixed or Variable has backup pump capability, leak detection and a totally enclosed housing with a NEMA 4X rating. Whereas, the Classic Series are straightforward electromechanical pumps. All pumps offer tube replacement without tools.

Additional products include meter systems and tank systems, tanks, flow switch, PCM, and water meters.

Key Products

Pumps Type Flow Rate Output |
Operating Pressure Maximums
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US Standard 50 gpd | 80 psi

Metric 189.3 lpd | 5.5 bar
Variable Speed
US Standard 50.7 oz/hr | 80 psi

Metric 1499.4 ml/hr | 5.5 bar
Timer Activated
US Standard 15 gpd | 25 psi
21.7 gpd | 80 psi

Metric 56.8 lpd | 1.7 bar
82 lpd | 5.5 bar
Variable Speed
US Standard 315 gpd | 25 psi
125 gpd | 100 psi

Metric 1192 lpd | 1.7 bar
473 lpd | 6.9 bar