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Meter Systems

Meter Systems from Stenner arrive pre-assembled, convenient and ready for
your installation.

Time-saving options are always a plus when installing water treatment equipment. Stenner's meter systems are shipped from the factory with the pump, water meter and the essential components pre-mounted to a heavy duty panel. Most meter systems include a flow indicator to visually verify the solution is pumping. Systems are delivered pre-assembled and provide reliable injection… now that's convenience.

  • Econ FP Meter System

    The Econ FP Meter System is a neatly compact pre-assembled system ready for installation. Disinfection or pH control in private water wells in homes or communities are just some examples for this system that offers proportional dosing based on water volume.

  • M128 Meter System

    Primarily used for animal health this convenient pre-assembled system includes a 1:128 medicator activated by the dry contact water meter to dose full strength or stock solutions to poultry drinking water.

  • Econ Stennicator Meter System

    Saving time is a plus for busy farmers and the Econ Stennicator Meter System is Stenner's proportional pump system for the injection of livestock supplements at the fixed ratio of 1:128 directly into the water line.

  • Proportional Injection System

    The system is suited for applications with varying flow rates, variable speed well pumps, poultry and livestock houses, irrigation and installations with demand based back-up wells.

  • Econ Integratorâ„¢ Meter System

    Quality water is proven to improve livestock production and health and it is vital for the maintenance of the water supply equipment. The Econ Integratorâ„¢ Meter System can inject common undiluted chemicals directly into the water line without harm to the pump for all the farm's water treatment needs such as disinfection and pH adjustment.

  • To decrease installation time and increase convenience, select Stenner's meter systems, the components are pre-mounted to a heavy duty panel.  

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