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Home Pump Sizing Classic Series using Potassium Permanganate



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  • PPM - Parts Per Million
  • GPD - Gallons Per Day
  • GPM - Gallons Per Minute
  • PPG - Pulse Per Gallon

Dosage Required (using oxidative rates) source: Table 8-2, Chapter 8, “Residential Water Processing”, Water Quality Association, Lisle, IL., 2000.

Metering Pump Output source: Page 120, Chemical Feed Information, USA Bluebook Operator’s Companion, 6th Edition.

2. Select a pump with a maximum GPD that is greater than the output GPD calculated in 1. Refer to chart.


Classic Adjustable Output 100 psi max
Item Number Prefix Maximum GPD
45MJH1 3.0
45MJH2 10.0
45MJH7 22.0
85MJH1 5.0
85MJH2 17.0
85MJH7 40.0