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Classic Series Motors

Use the "Works With" column to match the motor to your Classic Series model

Part Number UM Description Works With
PM6041D EA 120V 45MJ, 100J
PM6042D EA 220V
PM6081D EA 120V 85MJ, 170J
PM6082D EA 220V
ME6041D EA 120V 45MF
ME6042D EA 220V
ME6081D EA 120V 85MF
ME6082D EA 220V
DM6041D EA 120V 100F
DM6042D EA 220V
DM6081D EA 120V 170F
DM6082D EA 220V
PM64230 EA 230V 45MJ, 100J
PM6426D EA 250V
PM68230 EA 230V 85MJ, 170J
PM6826D EA 250V
ME64230 EA 230V 45MF
ME6426D EA 250V
ME68230 EA 230V 85MF
ME6826D EA 250V
DM64230 EA 230V 100F
DM64250 EA 250V
DM68230 EA 230V 170F
DM68250 EA 250V

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