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Econ Pump Head Parts

Econ Pump Head Parts

The Econ pump line has the patented quick release pump head for effortless tube replacement. All Econ pumps work with a specific pump tube and roller assembly combination.

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Part Number UM Description Works With Pump & Tube Combination
EC355 EA Pump Head Cover All Econ Pumps
EC350 EA White Roller Assembly
Econ FP
Econ FX & tubes A, B or C
Econ Integrator™
Econ LD & tube M
Econ T & tubes A, B, or C
Econ VX & tubes A, B or C

EC351 EA Black Roller Assembly
Econ FP & tubes G or H
Econ FX & tubes H
Econ Integrator™ & tubes G or H
Econ Stennicator & tube H
Econ T & tubes G or H
Econ TD Electric & tube C 3
Econ VX & tube H
Econ LD & tubes G or H

EC352EABlue Roller Assembly
Econ TD Battery & tubes C3 or C4

Home  Products  Parts  Econ Pump Head Parts 

Econ Pump Output Charts Link

Econ FP                    Econ LD    
     Econ Stennicator       Econ FX & VX    
     Econ Integrator™      Econ T                        
     Econ TD                

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