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The Stenner Pump Company offers accessories to complement our peristaltic metering pump line.

  • Water Meter

    Stenner offers a stainless steel, plastic or vertical positive displacement water meter; all use a reed switch to provide a pulsing dry contact signal.

  • PCM

    For proportional injection, the PCM is a time adjustable controller that powers the Classic Single Head Fixed Output pump. Utilized with a dry contact water meter, the meter sends a signal to the PCM to actuate the pump for injection proportional to water volume.

  • Flow Switch

    Available for PVC or standard copper pipe, the dry contact, 2 wire, flow switch is compatible with one of three functions available with the Econ FP pump.

  • Tank

    Any Stenner single head pump can be mounted to the 7.5, 15 or 30 gallon capacity tanks. The tank color choices are UV resistant gray or translucent white. The Classic Single Head Adjustable or Classic Single Head Fixed Output pump, the M128, or an Econ pump can be shipped as tank systems with the pump pre-mounted to the tank.

  • Mixer

    The mixer is specifically designed to fit the 7.5, 15 or 30 gallon capacity Stenner solution tank. The patent pending design creates a rapid flow to help keep chemical in solution. Attaching the mixer to the tank is easy with a Phillips head screwdriver.


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